Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Reels


SKU: 220-420

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Serving anglers with a premium line counter reel in both right and left hand retrieve. The Cold Water family is constructed upon a powerful star drag foundation including heavy-duty machine cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse systems, and a full Carbonite drag system with up to 20-pounds of maximum drag output. The custom line counter includes new Okuma anti-fogging Clear View Technology, and should the counter be overwhelmed by water, an access port allows the interior to be dried completely. The line counter’s reset button has also been recessed and placed on the side of the unit to eliminate errant resets. 

Item           model           gear     line cap. line per turn price
220-420     CW-303D      4.2:1      420/20   24"             $139.99
220-421     CW-303DLX  4.2:1      420/20   24"            $139.99