Savage Gear 3D Glide Swimmer


SKU: 420-372-01
Developed over the past two years by Mads Grosell, the Savage Gear Glide Swimmer offers anglers an ultra-realistic, easy-to-fish swimbait with a finely tuned swimming action. On a straight retrieve, the restricted V-joint causes the Savage Gear Glide Swimmer to deviate from the centerline and glide back-and-forth in a seductive “S” pattern. With a slight twitch, the slow-sinking Savage Gear Glide Swimmer makes a hard turn and exposes its entire side, which is ideal for eliciting strikes from following fish. Built with a semi-soft PVC tail, the Savage Gear Glide Swimmer has everything that a swimbait needs to put fish in the boat – and then some. 
8"  3.0oz.