Livingston Lures Kamakaze Chatterbait


SKU: 320-333-01

The Livingston Lures Kamakaze  is the king of musky chatterbaits. This precision built musky chatter bait is a fine tuned musky catching machine that anyone can use. The Kamakaze puts off a violent thump that makes muskies and other predatory fish bite. Its huge vibration calls in muskies from a distance and turns lazy fish into biters. The Kamakaze is designed to keep its signature thump going in the figure eight even at super high speeds.

 The Kamakaze's custom designed big blade blade is ultra-strong and features unique octagonal holes that keep the blades moving in an erratic manner even at low speeds.  

The Kamakaze’s embellished skirt  paired with its fluttering tail gives the Kamakaze an unbelievably life presence in the water.

The Kamakaze is an excellent choice for pressured waters and triggering strikes from sluggish muskies.

8" body only 3.8oz.