Strike Pro Trueglide Guppie Sinking Glide Bait


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One of the first things people notice about the Strike Pro Guppie is the artwork. The paint schemes incorporate using paint or glitter on the INSIDE shell of the bait, in addition to painting on the outside. This mimics the technique Mr Joe Peterson uses on his wood baits, layering paint between topcoats for a 3-D effect. It also prolongs the color of the bait fish after fish. Strike Pro has even replicated the signature 3-D eyes that TrueGlide lures are famous for. 

In addition to the obvious good looks, the Guppie incorporates some unique design features that make it a top fish producer. The Guppie’s compact shape ensures that hook coverage is always maximized. While the convex body shaping from the top to the belly exposes the hook points for better hook sets. The body profiling also adds extra flash and belly roll.

The tail types adds an extra dimension: indeed, the Guppie features an innovative spring screw at the tail of the bait. You can change the dynamic of the bait by simply screwing on/off one of the tails coming with the lure: Put the curly tail to make it one of the most efficient sinking glide bait which is perfectly suspending when jerked. Put the paddle tail to make an extraordinary slow-retrieve swimbait.

Comes standard with a mounted curly tail and an extra paddle tail.

8.5" with tail  4.25oz.