Bucher 9" ShallowRaider Crankbait


SKU: 520-068-11

Casted or trolled in the 4’-6’ range has proven deadly. Straight retrieve or jerked, it has a beautiful slow rise and wiggle. 6/0 VMC hooks. All Shallow Raiders produce action with a straight retrieve or troll, but can also be worked in a jerkbait style fashion with great results when fish are hanging tight to cover. To keep the lure shallower over high weeds, work the Shallow Raider with short jerks and longer pauses. For more lateral, side-to-side action perform the jerk motion with some slack in your line as you jerk the rod top. Also, allow slack during the pause. Slack line accentuates the side to side action. If you want the lure to travel deeper, lengthen the jerk distance and reduce the pause time.

9", 4.6 oz