Livingston Lures Pounder Crankbait


SKU: 520-128-01

This two-piece single-joint crankbait works great for cast and retrieve or trolling at most speeds. Tremendous side-to-side wobble/swim action and EBS Sound Technology produce natural baitfish sound and actions that will bring the giants out to strike. Medium diving depths are easily achieved at any speed and with the ultra-durable wire-through construction, big fish that hit the Pounder stay hooked. While its primary design is to hunt for big freshwater predators, its action will make it an equally sucessfully saltwater hunter. Every Livingston lure features the sounds of baitfish, Electronic Baitfish Sounds on an internal circuit board placed inside a sound chamber. The most common sound found is the sound of a Shad in distress. Others, reflect the color patterns of the lures, Distressed Shad, Shad sounds, Crawfish, perch, bluegill, croaker, mullet, etc. Once the lure makes contact with water, the electronic circuit is complete and the lure emits the sound in an 8-second cycle: 4 seconds of sound, 4 seconds of silence. EBS Technology is a powerful technology that bridges the gap from an artificial lure and live bait making the unnatural, natural.
Medium Diver Crankbait Depth:Up to 6' Action
Weight:3.0 oz