Cortland Masterbraid Fishing Line


SKU: 120-740-01

Cortland Master Braid is the most consistently performing super braid, ideal for a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater applications. Implementing Cortland’s Opti-ConTM Technology, gel-spun fibers are woven into a tighter and stronger braid that stacks better on the reel.

Master Braid is treated with FiberTech® protection that bonds to the individual gel-spun fibers, which adds body and improves handling of the line. This super braid excels at strike detection, instantaneous hooksets and longer casts. With exceptional strength and low stretch, Master Braid doesn’t require a break-in period and maintains its body and handling cast after cast for an extended life. ColorLast provides long-lasting color that does not bleed.

- Longer Casts
- Extended Life
- Minimal Line Drag
- Spinning, Bait Casters or Other Conventional Reels
- Longest-Lasting Color
- Virtually No Stretch
- High Sensitivity