Outdoor Grips Jig Ripper Stealth Model (2 Pack)


SKU: 120-158-09
The JigRipper™ helps alleviates wrist, elbow and shoulder pain by changing the position of the fisherman’s hand with this patent-pending ergonomic tool.By alleviating fatigue and pain, it allows the fisherman to spend QUALITY time on the water. Whether Casting, Jigging or Trolling, both large and small bait presentations are easier to use with the JigRipper™. It also creates leverage beyond belief! Not every fish fights fair, nor does every fish hit your lure at the perfect hook setting position. It allows for more powerful hook sets and increases your ability to land more fish by increasing leverage. Sleek and Lightweight, it has a removable handle for easy use and storage! The JigRipper™ is the perfect tool to aid in your Casting, Jigging and Trolling application. Simply, it is the most functional tool in your arsenal! Only tools required are a phillips head screwdriver and electrical tape. This package includes a Winn handle as well as the EVA handle!