All Terrain Tackle Rattling AT Jig



The Rattling A.T. Jig is the one jig that can do it all and is the one that started our company back in 2003! Since then there have been literally 100’s of tournaments won on this jig! Whether you fish trees, bushes, weeds, rocks or docks, this jig will get the job done. Our “hidden eye” design keeps you fishing instead of pulling weeds off the front of your jig. Add to this the “double BB” rattle system and you can call in big bass from great distances. Finally, the Pro Tie - hand tied skirts keep everything together!

 It has a powder coated paint job on the head that is designed to last. This jig is built around a super-sharp, extra strong hook that keeps your fish hooked all the way to the boat. The A.T. is the jig that started it all and is the first choice of top bass anglers all across the country.  3/8oz.