Berkley X9 Bulk Line



Step up to the ultimate in braided line performance with Berkley® x9™ Braid Fishing Line. Made of 100% polyethylene fibers, x9 Braid combines 9 strands of material into a super-compact, round, tightly-woven line. As a result, x9 Braid is significantly stronger and smoother-casting than other premium PE lines that use 8-strand technology. Berkley x9 Braid provides maximum casting distance with minimum noise in the guides, in addition to its near-zero stretch sensitivity.

  • Made of 100% polyethylene fibers
  • Woven with 9 strands for greater strength and castability
  • Tougher, more compact, and smoother than 8-strand premium braids
  • Provides maximum casting distance, with minimum noise
  • Near-zero stretch, for amazing feel