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Musky Frenzy Apache Series Triple 8

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The “Apache Advantage”... Big Blade Action, Small Blade Pull!

- Custom “3 in 1” Clevis ensures perfect synchronized blade spin, and immediate start up on retrieve.

- Pulls through the water with LESS effort than a double blade bucktail. Cast all day with less fatigue!

- Incredible fish catching power, even on the most pressured waters! Triple Blades create a unique vibration and profile the fish have never seen or heard before.

3 #8 Mag Indiana Blades

Custom "3 in 1" Clevis

9" Skirt

Oversized textured flashabou for enhanced action in the water.

1 oz. Egg sinker, and solid body allows for long casting, even in to the wind.

7/0 Mustad Treble Hooks

.051 Wire

2.8 oz.

10 Inches