Berkley Nessie 9 Swimbait


SKU: 420-508-01

Opening up the glide bait market to an expanded group of anglers, the all-new Berkley PowerBait Nessie allows anglers to present a large profile glide bait where previously, no glide bait as ever gone. Giving fish a completely new look, Berkley’s soft bodied glide bait allows anglers to skip, slide, and cast the Nessie into uncharted water. Offered at an attractive price point, the PowerBait Nessie breaks down the barrier for anglers hesitant to get into glide baits due to their often high cost of entry. By simultaneously opening up glide bait fishing to new technique entrants AND providing a new tool in the box to avid swimbait anglers, the Nessie demands its place in every angler’s tackle box.

9"  2.0oz.