Drifter Lightweight Predator Series Musky Net

SKU: 120-1187

The Predator Series Lightweight nets were designed for for both the fish and the fisherman both.  The coated net material that helps protect the fish from damage and the bag was designed to easily move thru the water.  The lightweight design of the handle and hoop give fisherman the option of easily maneuvering the net while fishing solo and still handling the rod and fish at the same time.

The “Large” size features a true 36″ x 34″‘ hoop with a 40″ deep coated net bag.  It comes with a 48″ Silver, anodized handle!  This net works perfectly for Musky and Large Pike!

Due to the size and/or weight of this item, there will be a $30 surcharge added to domestic orders. Orders outside the U.S. have higher shipping costs. You will be emailed a total.