Savage Gear Savage Blades SB 8.5


SKU: 320-802-01

Unleash the Savage Blade! The custom designed bucktail is built with high grade custom components and crafted to perfection! The custom blades fold in flight and rotate immediately on retrieve so you don’t waste an inch of your cast. Their custom design sends out big pulses and vibration to draw in huge fish. The clever configuration, with the detachable weight allows you fish over the weed tops or deeper over structure and rock piles. The hand-tied skirts, have the perfect volume, to create a big pulsing silhouette and still collapse perfectly on the strike. The custom carbon steel 3X tail Treble hook, has a Stainless steel corkscrew with a pre-mounted scented trailer tickler grub tail, raising many fish to follow and strike.

• Grade-A stainless-steel wire stem 1.4mm for incredible strength

• Custom shape brass blades 0.7mm for a unique sound profile

• Grade-A stainless-steel beads for high flash and increased vibration

• Grade-A stainless-steel clevis keeps the blades spinning freely

• High quality hand-tied skirts create big surging silhouette

• Immediate rotation makes every inch of your cast count

• Adjustable weight to fish shallow or deep

• Pre mounted scented trailer grub tail

• Custom carbon steel 3X treble hooks

9"  2.4oz.