Shimano Enber 60SP Flashboost



The definition of a versatile jerkbait, the Enber 60SP FB capitalizes on Shimano's BOOST CONCEPT lure technologies and its unique design so anglers can target a gamut of freshwater species with a wide range of techniques. The Enber's extended tail profile mimics the shape and profile of several baitfish species and provides a dynamic swimming action that can be twitched-and-paused like a jerkbait or reeled straight back to the boat with a consistent retrieve. Walleye anglers will also find that Enber's distinct design allows them to troll the lure effectively. The Enber 60SP FB utilizes Shimano's patented FLASH BOOST technology to emit an enticing flash during the retrieve — even on the pause. Enber 60SP FB leverages an internal weight-transfer system to increase the lure's casting distance, and SCALE BOOST technology utilizes a composite-pitch hologram to provide lifelike baitfish patterns.

2.4"  1/5oz.