Llungen Lures .22 Short SS Crankbait (Short Square)


SKU: 520-030-01
Do you like to cast? So do we, and the .22 Short SS was designed specifically for musky anglers who prefer to cast! Featuring a shallow square bill, the SS has a much shorter dive curve than its predecessor. The .22 Short SS features the unique wander and one of a kind rattle anglers have come to expect from the Llungen Lures crankbait lineup! This bait displaces some serious water on the retrieve for its small size! The square lip enhances the vibration as it moves through the water while also enabling the lure to bounce off cover without snags and hang ups. Whether you’re fishing shallow weeds, rocks, or timber the SS is the perfect tool to help you put more fish in the net.
4.5″ Long body, 5″ with lip 1.0oz.