Supernatural Big Baits Mattlock 10" Crankbait


SKU: 520-141-01

All baits start out as a board of Western Red Cedar. From there they are planed, cut, slotted, drilled, traced and roughed out, shaped, routed, sanded and primed before the finishing process even begins. There are over 100 steps before the board of wood can be transformed into a Supernatural Big Bait. Each one is made by hand in a shop in St. Paul, MN. It takes a lot of time before the hooks and split rings go on to complete the lure. For example, there are a minimum of 4 coats of epoxy on each bait. This means that there are a minimum of 4 days of curing time just for the epoxy alone. Everyone wants to say it is one certain thing that gives a Supernatural Big Bait it’s unique ‘wandering’ action, but it is really the total cumulation of all of it’s unseen design details. From materials to shape to weight to the lip to the line attachment pin and even more factors, each has a part in how the lure performs.

The line attachment pin is something unique. It is “free-floating” which means it can rotate 360 degrees and tilt/wobble in the hole in the lip. Not only does this add to the overall action, but it also helps center the bait so there is no tuning needed like some other crankbaits require. This pin can also be moved into one of 3 positions in the lip. The hole furthest from the body will make the bait dive the shallowest and give the bait it’s most erratic action. As you move the pin closer to the body, the bait runs deeper and the action gets tighter.

There are a lot of lures that ‘walk’ in a rhythmic left-right-left-right path through the water. A Supernatural bait ‘wanders’ in a totally random path that might be left-right-right-left-right-left-left-left-right-left-right-right-etc. The biggest benefit of this is it means the bait has a built in triggering affect and monster muskies have not been able to resist! Even though the MattLock will run over 6+mph, it is at slower speeds where it has been the most effective. This makes it ideal for early and late in the open water season when the water temp is the coldest and muskies can be a bit more sluggish. It is also an exceptional night fishing lure as this slower speed allows the fish more time to find the bait in the darkness. If you are not trolling after dark during the summer you are missing out on one of the best bites of the entire year. Multiple fish nights are the norm. Our favorite technique is to use planer boards and only put the baits 4‘ to 15‘ behind them. This keeps the baits very close to the surface. You can troll structure doing this but we have done the best over open water. One other trick with the MattLock is to cast it and crawl it slowly along the surface. This big bait wobbling on the surface is very natural and something the fish don’t see and we have raised some huge fish doing this when they would not respond to other presentations.
10" body length 9.3oz.