Kalin's Rattlin Google Eye Lilly Stalker


SKU: 820-077-01

The Game has changed forever. These hollow body frogs by Kalin’s is the industry’s first ever hollow body frog that features a built in glass rattle for an eye to add unparalleled noise during the retrieve. The Rattlin’ Lily Stalker frogs also feature recessed hook pockets to create a completely weedless presentation and a 3 keel under belly that makes for effortless walking abilities and a side to side action that is irrestible to big bass. The Poppin’ Rattlin’ Lily Stalker features a concaved cup like mouth to add unparalleled noise and water disruption during the retrieve. On top of all that it is outfitted with “OGS” open gap system hooks that are slanted slightly upward to greatly increase hook up ratio to make sure you land that bass of a lifetime.

2.5" body  .5oz.