Musky Shop Iron-On Patch


SKU: 920-354-01

To apply your heat seal patches with an iron, simply follow these steps:

  1. Set your household iron to the highest setting (typically Cotton)
  2. Adjust your garment so it is flat on an ironing board
  3. Lay a piece of cloth on top of your garment to protect it and prevent burning
  4. Start by pressing the iron onto your garment to preheat the area. Hold firmly for approximately 10 seconds
  5. Carefully place your heat seal patch in the desired location
  6. Lay the piece of cloth over your patch so you don’t burn it and press as firmly as you can for another 60 seconds
  7. Repeat the ironing process again to ensure the glue has adhered to the garment
  8. Repeat the process listed above to the other side of your garment making sure to cover with the cloth as instructed
  9. Let your garment sit undisturbed until the glue has time to cool and fasten
  10. Do not wash in high temperatures or glue can loosen.
  11. Size=3.5"x2.25"