Rapala Rippin' Rap RPR-5



The sleek body shape and bold color selection make this hot sinking Rapala® Rippin' Rap® Rattling Lipless Crankbait perfect for covering water fast with a rip 'n' dip action or just burning it straight in with a high-speed reel. Either way, bass come completely unhinged when this hard-vibrating rattler comes near! Long-casting, textured scale body, with extra-loud BBs inside for long-distance sound transmission. Equipped with super-sharp black nickel VMC® hooks.

  • Loud BBs inside for long-distance sound transmission
  • Sleek body shape
  • Bold color selections
  • Hard-vibrating action
  • Long-casting design
  • Textured scale body
  • Super-sharp black nickel VMC hooks