Daiwa Lexa Line Counter Reels

SKU: 220-191
Line Counter to track your trolling pattern and get you into the strike zone
Convenient spool click Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD) with 22lb. Drag Max
100mm handle length (Cut-Away Swept Paddle Handle feagured on LEXA-LC300H model)
Aluminum frame Infinite Dual Anti-reverse
Measures line out in feet to make setting trolling patterns a snap. And once you've hooked up, you can repeatedly drop right back into the strike zone without guessing.
model                            gear            price       item#
Lexa-LC-300PWR-P      5.5:1         $199.99    220-191
Lexa-LC 300H               6.3:1         $199.99    220-192
Lexa-LC 400H               6.3:1         $249.99    220-193
Lexa-LC-400PWR-P      5.5:1         $249.99    220-194
Lexa-LC-400HL  (LEFT)  6.3:1        $249.99     220-195