Lake X Lures Northern Lights Series Dr. Evil Surface Bait


SKU: 620-005-01
Lake X Lures Northern Lights Series
Lake X Lures presents "The Northern Lights Series," the brightest top water on the market.These top water's use the same properties the Muskie has in its eye. When you see any animal that has reflective eyes in low light it is called Tapetum lucidum, meaning "layer of reflective tissue." It is located behind the retina and reflects visible light back through the photoreceptors. The Tapetum lucidum contributes to SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION. This is how Muskies can see their prey after dark. These blades capture all available light just like Muskies eyes. They will put off a flash like no other in bright, sunny conditions that Muskies can't resist!
 7.5" 2.1 oz.